Hindutva’s Don Quixotesque Obession

68868180The famous Aurangzeb road in Delhi will now be called A P J Abdul Kalam road. From the social media conversation around the issue it was soon clear that the issue was not about Kalam, it was all about Aurangzeb and the desire to erase Muslim history from India. In a sting operation, convicted terrorist Babu Bajrangi was caught on tape explaining how he felt after killing helpless women and children. “I felt like Maharana Pratap” he said. In his mind he was not killing innocent Indians. He was convinced that he was protecting helpless Hindus from invading Mughals. Unfortunately this sentiment is widely shared in the Indian society. Babu Bajrangi is the Jihadi John of India and he gets free time from jail so he can attend weddings. This is possible because many people empathize with Babu Bajrangi.

The underlying ideological position of renaming road is exactly the same as the underlying ideological position of demolishing Babri Masjid. A large section of Indians have been brainwashed into believing that Taj Mahal, one of the most iconic building of India should be converted into a Shiva Temple. Such bizarre ideas stem from the ideological position that anything that reminds of the Mughal rule also brings back the humiliation of the great Hindu civilization succumbing to the barbaric Muslim invaders. These memories have to be erased and Hindu hegemony has to be re-established. Only then India and the Hindu civilisation can be reinstated to its former glory.

The Aam Admi Party has weeded out all the prominent left leaning leaders and is now positioning itself as a long term alternative to the BJP. By renaming Aurangzeb road they have sent out a signal to the Hindutva brigade that they empathise with the larger cause of Hindutva. The move to rename Aurangzeb road is disappointing for Muslims who believed that Aam Admi Party will never indulge in communal symbolism. Parties like MIM will go to Muslims and reiterate the fact that they can never trust so called secular parties because all of them use secularism to hide their alignment to the larger cause of Hindutva.

Muslims don’t see Aurangzeb as their hero. This is evident from the fact that a sufi saint Shah Muntajab whose tomb is barely a kilometre away from Aurangzeb’s tomb attracts millions of more devotees than Aurangzeb’s tomb does. Renaming Aurangzeb road sends a message to Muslims that the politics of Babri Masjid is still alive. In the aftermath of the Babri Masjid demolition thousands of Indians have lost their lives in riots and terrorist attacks. Any communal politics which is similar in nature to the anti Babri Masjid movement is bound to make the minorities nervous.

Historians have presented varying views of Aurangzeb’s legacy. Some depict him as a tyrant and some depict him as simple man who rejected the philandering ways of his predecessors. If someone says that Aurangzeb should be erased from History “because he tormented Hindus” then why not erase Guru Golwarkar from the public memory for his passionate defence of the holocaust? The Jaipur High Court has a towering statue of Maharishi Manu in its premises. Only recently a UP khap panchayat ordered that two Dalit girls be raped and paraded naked because their brother dared to fall in love with an upper caste woman. And this is surely not an exceptional case of injustice against Dalits. There are justifications of such acts in the Manusmriti. Anything that may be offensive to women,Dalits or minorities can be acknowledged and even celebrated as a part of “Hindutva” history but anything remotely offending to the upper castes should be erased?

I find it amusing when some Pakistanis deny their pre Islamic ancestry. Pakistan has a full scale project of rewriting history where they focus only on the real or perceived acts of goodness done by the “Muslim” Kings who came to invade the Indus valley from central Asia and Afghanistan. But rewriting history is not so easy. You may feed your population a bunch of lies but it is harder to convince the wider world about your version of history. Same is the case with India and its Hindutva project. The more India tries to distort history the more it aligns with the nationalist ideology of Pakistan.

Around the world when people think about India they think about population, call centers, poverty, democracy and yes the Taj Mahal. Petty acts like renaming of the roads won’t erase India’s Mughal legacy. It will only expose the Hindutva brigade as bunch of insecure people who have absolutely no confidence in their own ideology, who are embarrassed of their past and uncertain of their future.



  1. Hello Brown Brumby, I am responding here as I do not have a twitter account. In one of your recent tweets you said that “Hinduism does not teach violence against blasphemers” ref: https://twitter.com/brownbrumby/status/646232206948499456

    I would like to contest this assertion with the following verses from Artha Veda:

    “O Cow, break thou the head of him who wrongs the Brāhmans, criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods. Let Agni burn the spiteful wretch when crushed to death and slain by thee. rend, rend to bits, rend through and through, scorch and con-sume and burn to dust” – Arthaveda – Book 12 – Hymm 5 – Verses 60-62

    Infact the Arthaveda hopes for such a Blasphemer a very violent death.

    “So, Goddess Cow, do thou from him, the Brāhmans’ tyrant, criminal, niggard, blasphemer of the Gods, With hundred-knotted thunderbolt, sharpened and edged with razor-blades, Strike off the shoulders and the head. Snatch thou the hair from off his head, and from his body strip the skin: Tear out his sinews, cause his flesh to fall in pieces from his frame. Crush thou his bones together, strike and beat the marrow out of him. Dislocate all his limbs and joints.From earth let the Carnivorous Agni drive him, let Vayu burn. him from mid-air’s broad region. From heaven let Sūrya drive him and consume him.” Arthaveda – Book 12 – Hymm 5 – Verses 64-73

    [Taken from the following source http://www.sacred-texts.com/hin/av/av12005.htm%5D

    Further to this also consider the below :

    1) Ram killed Shambuka because he blasphemed by doing something that the Vedas had restricted only for the upper castes, effectively he apostatized and was killed by Ram.

    2) Drona asking Eklavya to cut off his thumb for doing something that the Vedas had restricted only for the upper castes.

    3) All punishments prescribed for the shudra like cutting off the tongue if he recites the vedas or pouring molten fluid in ear if he hears it are punishments for the shudras blasphemy for crossing the caste barriers.

    Add to this that one can find instances where the Hindu Gods and Goddesses have killed or have been violent to someone because of them saying or doing something that they did not approve of, which is effectively punishment for blasphemy.

  2. Hello Brownbrumby,

    You tweeted complaining about people blaming religion, (ie: Hinduism) for the Dadri killings. ref: https://twitter.com/brownbrumby/status/650285149418995712

    According to the Vedas, the Brahmin is god, so it automatically flows, that if the Brahmin says “kill the one who eats beaf”, then it automatically becomes part of the hindu religion as the command of god. Sangh is a Brahmin organization.

    It is exactly for this reason that Ambedkar said that the Vedas have to be discarded because a people who believe that Vedas are the word of God cannot change their minds.

    Apologies for interacting with you over your blog, I don’t have a twitter account and find 140 characters too limiting for my purposes.

  3. Hello Brown Brumby,

    You said in this tweet https://twitter.com/brownbrumby/status/653935978063618048

    “Protests in front of mosques are such a big opportunity for Muslims to do some inter faith mingling and sharing some delicious kebabs.”

    I disagree, because that is exactly what the protestors want. They want Muslims to be killed and expelled from the US or they want them to show that they are totally subservient, fluffy, servile, yes-men/women towards the white supremacists.

    They want Muslims who would not only turn the other cheek, but slap themselves dead too, Muslims who would roll in the mud when asked to sit. You read Malcolm X, if he was alive today, he would never advise the Muslims or Blacks to be such pliable, fluffy and spineless creatures with no self respect.


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