BJP’s hate propaganda against Muslims. Will the Election Commission take note?




The Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) is using illegal and dangerous propaganda tactics to spread hatred in the society. For the sake of few extra votes they are willing to weaken the foundations of the country. Following are a few examples of BJP propaganda against Muslim minorities of India.

 Exhibit 1:


The Russian President has never made such a statement but BJP wants people to believe that Government of India is encouraging terrorism in the country to “appease Muslims”. The idea is to generate extreme hate towards the Muslim community and polarize the society.

Exhibit 2:


In this propaganda poster, BJP is claiming that Mehbooba Mufti, the president of the Jammu & Kashmir Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) has warned the Kashmiri pundit community that they will face genocide if they return to Kashmir and their properties should be auctioned off. The modus operandi is the same. BJP makes up inflammatory speeches and mischievously attributes it to Muslim leaders so that they can demonize Muslims.

Exhibit 3:


Here BJP is falsely accusing the Shahi Imam of the Jama Masjid in Delhi of of threatening to expel the Hindu communities from Bengal, Kerala, Assam and Hyderabad. The Shahi Imam has never made such a statement.

Exhibit 4:


Here BJP is using pictures from of Pakistan where extremists of the notorious Jamat Ut dawa organisation are seen to be burning the Indian flag but BJP wants people to believe that Muslims in India are burning the Indian flag. These pictures originally appear here on this Pakistani website

All the examples given above are violations of Indian law. BJP employs foot soldiers to carry out its vile propaganda and if the media highlights it then it distances itself from the person who is employed to carry out the propaganda. Pathan Asma Khan is the District President of BJP Minority cell, Municipal councilor, Gujarat Nagarpalika Parishad (member) from Nadiad, Gujarat.

Hope the election commission of India and law enforcing authorities take action now so that this does not result in killings an riots against minorities which is what BJP may be looking for just before the elections.




  1. Its funny brumby aint it? you acuse the BJP of inciting violence and creating trouble where there isnt any, arent you guilty of doing the same? Its 7 months since this post, I still didnt see and major riots before any elections whatsoever
    besides it does hurt your credibility when you claim BJP is doing false propaganda, where is your proof? There is difference between a BJP supporter and BJP Member, By showing excerpts from 1 unknown blogger and claiming that BJP is spreading its propaganda falsely is exactly what you’re doing.Oh the Irony

    I truly wonder why you reply to sanghis and relatively stupid people only, why not engage with someone more or less on the same playing field

  2. Prime Minister Modi should take strict action against AsmaKhan Patha who is viciating the harmony between Hindus and Muslims..

  3. Why don’t you teach your brethren in MIM before advising a national party with wide support.

    You looser.

  4. As a Muslim this is sad to see that people stoop to such low levels and lie to bring about disunity. We CAN get along. We just need to see others how we see ourselves.

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